Poetry, Thought, Word Magick
Poetry, Thought, Word Magick
The Turning

The Turning

This is pretty intense!

Sound design by Christophe Casamassima. My voice.

We made this recording following the publication of Heraclitean Pride (Furniture Press Books, 2010). Available at Small Press Distribution.

The Turning performed at that time played a bit above time, abstracted from everyday life, and yet in Eternal Return…

of the possibility of a turning point in life and spirit.

For our times, today, ten years later: the Turning this day, this evening. What can turn? Nothing is impossible: that which is can’t be denied effectively, can’t be evaded. Does that mean everything is possible? Everything is true, and therefore what’s possible needs be faced in its reality.

Everything: the universal, that which is common to all.

What can turn. The moment. The present - as the earth turns, as the cosmos spins. You. Me. You in the quietest part of yourself, you in your inmost core. Wait for it…

A surge.


Wait for it again if need be. Wait for it as long as it takes. Reality has its Way.

What part do we have to play, what part does each of us have to face - for things to get better?

Don’t turn away. Turn towards… what can turn.

Poetry, Thought, Word Magick
Poetry, Thought, Word Magick
Word and Sound in Joy and Despair for Love of the World
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