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Chills. I got chills listening to this. Your art helps me rise above the fray. It resets my inner rhythm to the beating of some undeniable truth that resides in the breath I think. Your words in all of these posts require my attention just like any other content I encounter, but there's a reward much greater and more necessary in listening (or reading) here than elsewhere. I find myself wanting, yearning actually, to be still when I engage with your work and to allow for connection with your words and meaning making that transcends the every day insanity of trying to put together a world-picture composed mostly of fear and market dynamics greedy for my very meager capital. Your words give me solace even though they actually demand more attention of me than other words. It is attention that I freely give because this turning of my self is actually worthy of the effort. Thank you M.

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You're welcome, Genna. I'm gladdened deeply by how you're taking in this work; thank you for letting me know. "...they actually demand more attention of me than other words."

Thank you for that attentiveness, your reading and turning. So, so glad to know.

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